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Empowering Futures with Automations...
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Our Story...

Nexsys Automation boasts an enthusiastic team of professionals and passionate about driving innovation and advancing the future of automation. With a forward-thinking approach, the company continually explores new technologies and methodologies to enhance process automation and address emerging challenges in the respective fields.

A cornerstone of Nexsys Automation's capabilities lies in its dedicated Research and Development (R&D) team. Specialised team is tasked with developing cutting-edge solutions for chemical processes and designing reliable instruments that facilitate precise automation with minimal deviations. 


  • Process automation & Control system design: We design and implement control systems for manufacturing and pharma production, including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and distributed control systems (DCS).

  • Robotics and machine vision: We integrate robots and machine vision systems into manufacturing and pharma production lines, allowing for more precise and efficient operations.

  • Batch control and recipe management: We implement systems for batch control and recipe management in the pharma industry, helping to ensure consistent product quality and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Data acquisition and analysis: We can provide systems for data acquisition and analysis in manufacturing and pharma production, helping to identify trends, optimize processes, and improve overall efficiency.

  • Maintenance and Support: We also provide maintenance and support services to ensure that their systems are running smoothly and any issues are promptly resolved.

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Tel: +91 9866999837


7th Floor Pardha Picasa, Madhapur

Hyderabad, Telagana. 500081

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Our Clients...

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Aurobindo Pharma Q2 net profit up 33% at Rs 605 crore _ Company Results - Business Standar
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